Buy Permethrin Cream 5% Without Prescription

Scabies is a highly contagious skin infection caused by a species of mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei. You can bring scabies mites home without knowing how you picked them up, but the good news is that there is an effective remedy to help you get rid of the pesky problem.

Acticin Cream 5%

Permethrin cream for scabies is the "weapon of choice" for treating of infestations in adults and kids as young as two months of age. It can even be used in pregnant women, which speaks for its safety and efficiency. The cream has to be applied to clean and dry skin. You have to massage permethrin cream into the skin, from head to soles, making sure you pay extra attention to any creases as well as the groin area.

The cream must be left on for eight to fourteen hours and washed off once this period is up. Following an application, itching may persist for up to a month: this is normal and does not mean the drug did not work. In most cases, the itching decreases dramatically within 24 hours.

A single application of permethrin cream will cure a scabies infestation. In rare cases, the medicine may need to be applied repeatedly. Side effects are unlikely, but some patients may experience mild burning, redness, mild skin rash or tingling where the medicine was applied. These side effects are short-lived.

Elimite and Acticin

The most commonly purchased brand names of permethrin cream for scabies, which is merely a generic name, are Elimite and Acticin. Both contain 5% of permethrin and work in the same way, so the final choice is up to you and your doctor.

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